Camillus Sizzle

Camillus Sizzle

Equipped with "Robo Power"!! Kidding aside, this is the fastest opening non-automatic knife I've ever tried. Like most assisted-openers, it has a small "kicker" on the back, but that's where the comparison ends. This knife literally pops open with just a light touch. The blade has a semi-reflective black finish and holds an edge very well. The handle is plastic and has enough texture that you don't have to worry about it slipping, even at its small size. The clip is a little too tight to slide easily on your pocket or waistband...I'd recommend just taking it off and using it without the clip. The kicker and blade stud are also a bit rough for use inside the waistband. The blade uses a liner lock to keep it in place. There is no safety mechanism to keep the blade from opening accidentally. The SOG Twitch is actually a little more comfortable to carry, with its smoother edges, but I do love to see and hear this one snap open!

Camillus has a whole series of knives with Robo Power assisted-opening. I'm guessing that they probably have the same snappy action this model does.

  • MFG: Camillus
  • MODEL: Sizzle
  • TYPE: Assisted-opening
  • ACTION: Side-opening
  • MECHANISM: Coil spring
  • CLOSED LENGTH: 3.125"
  • BLADE LENGTH: 2.5"
  • PROS: Very snappy action for a small knife, handle provides an excellent grip, good quality blade.
  • CONS: Knife is best without the pocket clip, edges and other surfaces (including the "kicker") are a bit too rough for comfortable pocket use.
  • VALUE: Great little knife, but tends to be expensive.
  • OVERALL OPINION: A very fun and utilitarian knife, but probably not for carrying in the pocket of your slacks everyday.
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