SOG Flash II

SOG Flash II

The Flash II is sort of an odd mixture of the traditional and some unusual (unique?) features in a larger assisted-opening knife. It's nicely finished and, for its size, is amazingly lightweight. The handle is a molded plastic or resin and is assembled using screws. (The knife can be disassembled for cleaning or service, but it has a bunch of parts, so be careful.) The pocket clip is small for such a large knife and it can be changed from one side to the other. There is no "kicker"...the blade must be opened using the thumb stud on the edge of the blade. The knife does not have a metal frame or liner, and the operating control are on the side of the handle. One is the blade lock/release, which is a spring-loaded slide switch. Drawing it back with the thumb releases the blade for easy closing. The other control is a small safety...hard to operate when you want to and likely to be moved accidentally in use. The handle is heavily-textured and shaped to fit your hand. Overall, the knife has a lot of sharp edges and hard points, making it pretty uncomfortable to carry in your pocket or waistband. When opened, the blade snaps into place very quickly and reliably, with noticeable kick.

The overall impression you get when you pick up the knife is, "This doesn't weigh anything!" I imagine SOG would cringe when I say this, but I think that this would make a serious knife to carry in a purse, where comfort doesn't matter but light weight is important. The small clip, rough edges, and unusual thickness make it difficult to carry any other place. Too nice to take camping, though.

  • MFG: SOG
  • MODEL: Flash II
  • TYPE: Assisted-opening
  • ACTION: Side-opening
  • MECHANISM: Coil spring
  • BLADE LENGTH: 3.5"
  • PROS: Solid action, virtually no play in the blade, very lightweight for its size, strong and practical blade design.
  • CONS: Uncomfortable to carry due to texture and rough edges, pocket clip is a bit small, safety tends to move when carried, knife is thicker than desirable.
  • VALUE: Costs a bit too much for a knife this difficult to carry on a daily basis.
  • OVERALL OPINION: Typical SOG quality, but the combination of unusual features and the difficulty of carrying this knife really detract from the design.
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