CRKT Carson M16-14

CRKT Carson M16-14

"That's not a knife. This is a knife." Crocodile Dundee would feel right at home with this knife. CRKT has a whole series of M16 knives in various blade types, finishes, and styles. This one has a partially-serrated Tanto blade with aluminum handle. The blade is more than 1/8" thick and will chop wood. The aluminum handle is shaped to fit a big hand comfortably and the holes in it provide a surprisingly sure grip (as well as lightening it). The "kicker" is large, but it does take a little practice to get the blade to flip completely out of the handle, since the knife is not an assisted-opener. Once open, the liner lock mechanism holds it securely in place. There is also a LAWKS (Lake and Walker Knife Safety) device that locks the liner lock in place, preventing accidental closure. The LAWKS is controlled by a knurled stud near the pivot and is very easy to engage and release with your thumb. (Newer models have an Auto-LAWKS device that engages each time the blade is opened.) The blade is of high-quality stainless with a bead blasted finish. It is easy to sharpen and holds an edge extremely well. The pocket clip is well-positioned and utilitarian.

I actually bought this knife by mistake, thinking it was the next smaller in the line. In spite of its massive size, it is easy to carry comfortably in your waistband. Like a couple other knives I own, it's a wonderful piece of machinery, but it's just too darn big to carry around all the time. Plus, pulling it out to do some work at the office is like pulling an axe to kill a flea. If I were you, I'd go for one of the smaller versions. I'd keep the Tanto blade and the aluminum handle, but stick with a 3.125" blade (CRKT Model CL-M1612).

  • MFG: Columbia River Knife & Tool (CRKT)
  • MODEL: Carson M16-14
  • TYPE: Manual
  • ACTION: Side-opening
  • CLOSED LENGTH: 5.375"
  • PROS: Surprisingly light for its size but still massive, extremely strong build, durable, smooth opening, nice pocket clip, LAWKS device saves your fingers, easy to sharpen, capable of splitting wood, will scare the s*** out of anybody you pull it on.
  • CONS: Blade size probably illegal in most jurisdictions if carried concealed, too big for most routine jobs.
  • VALUE: Surprisingly affordable even from authorized CRKT dealers. This knife will last you a lifetime.
  • OVERALL OPINION: Beautiful knife, but I'd opt for the next smaller in the product line as being more practical (and probably more legal) to carry. But if you want a durable knife for camping, this works as well or better than most high-quality sheath knives.
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